What I learned on my journey to get fit

After I had my 2 kids, I found myself very unhappy with my weight and the way I looked.

It seemed like the old me was gone and gave place to this new mom looking one. Someone who never took time for herself, never exercised and nibbled all day on whatever unhealthy snacks I could find in my pantry. I’m sure many moms out there know exactly what I’m talking about.

Back then, at age 33, I decided to go to weight watchers, which helped me lose 20 pounds but I still felt thin but not fit. Also the eating habits of that diet were not great and many of the foods they recommended were all processed foods from their own brand. Continue reading

Diminish wrinkles, only Retinol products can do this miracle

Today I was speaking with a friend, she is 42 and she was saying how her wrinkles are showing so much, especially under make up.

I told her the best thing anyone can do is to use retinol creams to diminish them and a good moisturizer with SPF to hydrate. Even better, a moisturizer with growth factor. Please search my post about this product, so you can get the benefit of an anti-aging cream and get the moisture at the same time. Just keep it in mind this product does not have SPF so the serum I will mention bellow can help you get it covered. Continue reading

Brightening your skin using products that really work

There are great products out there that you can use to brighten your skin and lighten your sun spots and melasma.

On one of my posts, search for Sun Spots be gone, I talk about the Fraxel Laser which does really remove the spots and firm your skin.

But if you don’t have the time or would like to maintain your skin brighter after the laser or simply try a product before doing a laser, I have some really good ones to indicate to you.

I used the Lytera by Skin Medica, I bought at my doctor’s office, it was recommended by her and it does work really good even thought is a bit pricy, the tube is big and a little goes a long way, also I did not experienced any redness with this cream. Continue reading

Self Tanners, how to get the best at home tan without looking like an orange

These days there are so many walking oranges out there so I thought, they must have an at home product that will give you a natural looking tan.

I got to confess I go once a week to Itan, a tanning salon, to get my Versa Spa spray tan because that gives me the most natural looking color, much better than the Mystic Tan I used to do in the past.

But I got to admit, getting a spray tan every week can be costly so I also found out some great products, specially for my 16 years old daughter, to be able to get great results at home.

My very favorite brand is Saint Tropez line, I read a million great reviews about this brand. Continue reading

Protecting your skin from the sun, my favorite sunblocks

I remember when I was young growing up in Brazil sunblock was never used, I don’t believe that such a thing even existed at that time.

I was so crazy about looking tan that I remember rubbing myself with coca cola because someone told me that I would tan faster!! Crazy isn’t it?! I can’t tell you how many bees I attracted!!!!

Today obviously I manage to clear my skin from the damage I caused, but to keep it that way I never leave the house without at least sunscreen on my face, as well as on my body on beach or outdoor days. Continue reading

Let’s talk about at home peels

In the past going to the doctors was the only way to get a good peel but these days omg!! there are so many wonderful products out there and I tried a lot that are okay but because I only like to tell you about the very best ones with gives you the fastest results, here you go.

The Philosophy Microdelivery Peel is an awesome peel, it helps your skin by resurfacing and rejuvenating sun damage, hyperpigmented and aging skin, is a two-way step process, the product sells in a package containing both steps

First, is a product that feel like fine sugar , you apply to your face and massage very gently , please be gentle !! because you want to exfoliate not hurt your skin, just like our dentist tells us not to put too much pressure when brushing our teeth so it won’t hurt our gums, same thing here. Continue reading

Sun Spots be gone !!!!

On my previous post I mentioned about the laser procedure I have done back in July 2014, it was the best think I could have done for my skin because not only my spots deminished but because the laser activate the production of new collagen, my skin felt firmer and looked younger!

Many of my friends kept telling me how great my skin looked and even though I know the many products I use helps me getting that look I knew that after the laser the compliments got even more frequent.

I choose to do the Fraxel laser because after much research done by myself and by asking my doctor that was the most effective spot removal laser procedure in the market, and I got to say ven though many people say it hurts I didn’t think that was so bad and trust me, Im a baby when it comes to pain. Continue reading

Growth Factor infused products: The latest anti aging trend available

Yes, strange isn’t it but the new trend is all about products that contain Growth Factor that not only help your skin look younger but also prevent and correct future aging by boosting collagen and cell turnover with antioxidants that protects our skin against the damages of free radicals, it’s great for aging .

I first learned about these products after a laser procedure I have done on my face to get rid of the sun spots, I will have a post with pics about the laser at a later post.

Anyway, the doctor said that in order to help my skin heal faster I should get a product with these growth factors, at the time, she gave me the Obagy brand product and I got to say, even though it cost me a whooping $148.00, it worked as promised and in about 3 days I could see my skin flaking, by the fourth day I had an almost clear face. Continue reading

Injectable Fillers, too much of a good thing can turn out ugly !!!!!

After your forties you will notice your skin doesn’t look as plump as used to, some hallow spots start showing on your temples, cheeks and eyes. And what’s up with those annoying little tiny lines around the lips!! I never had seen then on me before, until the day came and they suddenly started to be more visible as the years go by.

I needed to find a solution for this and after reading a lot about it , fillers would be the only corrective procedure to give back my plumpness, but wait !! I was afraid of fillers, because being from Brazil we all know that beauty should look as natural as possible and I see so many girls in the USA looking what I call so plasticky!!!. Continue reading