Don’t go to bed without these 3 guys!

Every night before I go to bed I follow a beauty routine to ensure I will fight all signs of aging and replenish my skin with all the necessary ingredients for an ageless and healthy look.

The first two products I use are anti-aging night treatments by Vichy called Liftactiv Retinol Nuit for face and Vichy Liftactiv for eyes. These products truly give you visible results right as you wake up. They are a combination of pure retinol and a triple-dose of Hyaluronic Acid for overnight plumping and resurfacing action. Continue reading

Diminish wrinkles, only Retinol products can do this miracle

Today I was speaking with a friend, she is 42 and she was saying how her wrinkles are showing so much, especially under make up.

I told her the best thing anyone can do is to use retinol creams to diminish them and a good moisturizer with SPF to hydrate. Even better, a moisturizer with growth factor. Please search my post about this product, so you can get the benefit of an anti-aging cream and get the moisture at the same time. Just keep it in mind this product does not have SPF so the serum I will mention bellow can help you get it covered. Continue reading

Growth Factor infused products: The latest anti aging trend available

Yes, strange isn’t it but the new trend is all about products that contain Growth Factor that not only help your skin look younger but also prevent and correct future aging by boosting collagen and cell turnover with antioxidants that protects our skin against the damages of free radicals, it’s great for aging .

I first learned about these products after a laser procedure I have done on my face to get rid of the sun spots, I will have a post with pics about the laser at a later post.

Anyway, the doctor said that in order to help my skin heal faster I should get a product with these growth factors, at the time, she gave me the Obagy brand product and I got to say, even though it cost me a whooping $148.00, it worked as promised and in about 3 days I could see my skin flaking, by the fourth day I had an almost clear face. Continue reading