About Me

I constantly get questions from my friends on what products to use to correct this and that, because I try everything imaginable and I also read about beauty like my husband reads his newspaper every day, I can actually give them really good advice on products for all budgets and problems just because I tried them so I know if it will work.
If you were wondering I’m 45 and everyone tells me I look much younger. You can judge for yourself thorough my pics as well as this blog, both are very real, honest and bias.
Also to tell everyone a little bit about myself, I’m originally from Brazil and I currently live in California and I have 2 teenagers who are 13 and 16 years old.
I competed in the 2011 NPC Fitness Competition in San Diego and The Masters Nationals in Pittsburg in the bikini division winning 3 trophies.
I do love fitness but I find my true passion researching and testing beauty products.
Hope you enjoy and give me your feedback.
I truly believe all of us can be fierce, beautiful and confident at any age and have fun in the process!!!

Andrea Deroze


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IMG_0397 image


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