Self Tanners, how to get the best at home tan without looking like an orange

These days there are so many walking oranges out there so I thought, they must have an at home product that will give you a natural looking tan.

I got to confess I go once a week to Itan, a tanning salon, to get my Versa Spa spray tan because that gives me the most natural looking color, much better than the Mystic Tan I used to do in the past.

But I got to admit, getting a spray tan every week can be costly so I also found out some great products, specially for my 16 years old daughter, to be able to get great results at home.

My very favorite brand is Saint Tropez line, I read a million great reviews about this brand.

The skin in my face is very sensitive, so I used to get pimples with other face tanners but this one is awesome, no breakouts.

My daughter use the everyday lotion that comes in two colors, light to medium and medium to dark, on her legs and she said it’s so easy to apply and the color is very natural.

Also another great product, that I find really easy to carry on my trips to Brazil, where I can’t go tanning is the tanning Towelettes by Look Good Naked, they look like wet baby wipes, you rub it all over your body, very easy to apply, so you avoid streaks.

I like using overnight because it does has a self tanning odor, not a strong one, but I don’t like to mix that with my perfume. It works great for humid climates because it dries really fast and it’s not sticky. I also used in my face and no breakouts either but I prefer to use the Saint Tropez for my face.

Both products are very easy to find on any beauty stores out there like Ulta, Sephora, Amazon just to name a few.

The Towelettes come in different sizes and 2 color choices Classic, for a lighter tan and Plus, for darker , I like both, it all depends of how dark you want to go.

Enjoy your summer looking beautifully tanned without the harms of the sun SUV rays for an ageless skin!!!

10789126-1364225314-402399 st-tropez-everyday-gradual-self-tan   grad_tan_body_US


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