Protecting your skin from the sun, my favorite sunblocks

I remember when I was young growing up in Brazil sunblock was never used, I don’t believe that such a thing even existed at that time.

I was so crazy about looking tan that I remember rubbing myself with coca cola because someone told me that I would tan faster!! Crazy isn’t it?! I can’t tell you how many bees I attracted!!!!

Today obviously I manage to clear my skin from the damage I caused, but to keep it that way I never leave the house without at least sunscreen on my face, as well as on my body on beach or outdoor days.

There are so many choices on the market, so I tried many different ones throughout the years and my goal was to find a product that really doesn’t feel heavy on your skin so you won’t look like a ghost or have your skin breakout in pimples.

Being from Brazil, I choose the La Roche Posay brand, over there the climate is always very humid and that was my brazilian peeps favorite brand.

I prefer using their 60 SPF for the beach and the 45 SPF serum during the day under my make up, the serum also is lighter because is made to use as a daily anti-aging treatment.

For my body, since I live in California and the climate is extremely dry, I love the Hawaiian tropics new ribbon collection, it’s a mix of moisturizer and sunblock all in one which makes your skin look hydrated and protected at the same time, everyone knows that nothing worse than those dry patches that end up making our skin look much older than it really is!!

You can use this one in Brazil as well because it’s not sticky, smells great and it’s pretty light for humid places. Also it costs under $10.00 so you can be generous and reapply as many times as you need.

IMG_2326 Unknown 3606000403703-anthelios-aox-main

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