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Do you ever felt like this woman when you get into a beauty store to choose a product for your hair, face, body or whatever you need?

Well to be honest, I used to feel that way and I got really frustrated with the stores lack of knowledgable help.

In order to solve my issue I started reading beauty magazines, doing my own research and trying everything I read as top ranked or best beauty awarded products, I also read many reviews before buying an expensive product.

Then on April 2015 , I decided, I have so much information and I have such a passion for it all that I need to share and because my friends knowing about my passion kept asking for tips , I decided I need to create a place, a beauty sanctuary, where all of us can comment, ask questions and interact if anything at least I get to empty out my product brain lol !!!

Instead of you have to decide on what to choose when you go to the beauty store, I will try everything and let you know what works for me but also let you know if would work for you, for example, if I feel the product is too oily for humid places, I will let you know on the post.

I figure every woman as they age start seeing the same issues and I have plenty of friends who tell me what they dislike about aging and what they would like to see changed.

Who hasn’t complain about sun spots, wrinkles, sagging of face and neck, as well as dark circles?

Oh well,all of these are the annoying signs of aging but you can prevent and even reverse many of these with the help of quality products and non invasive procedures because if an average girl like me can do it so can you.

I love a challenge so I will fight all these signs and if I have to put a fight why not to get all of you on my side so we can all look fierce and beautiful as we age.

Just a sample of the products in my shower!

just a sample of the products in my shower!

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