The 3 lifestyle changes that beautify you inside and out

I believe that you can’t just work on your outside beauty without making sure you take care of your mind and body as well.

There are 3 things you should try to implement on your daily life and these are, Meditation, eating real foods and moderate exercise. Continue reading

What I learned on my journey to get fit

After I had my 2 kids, I found myself very unhappy with my weight and the way I looked.

It seemed like the old me was gone and gave place to this new mom looking one. Someone who never took time for herself, never exercised and nibbled all day on whatever unhealthy snacks I could find in my pantry. I’m sure many moms out there know exactly what I’m talking about.

Back then, at age 33, I decided to go to weight watchers, which helped me lose 20 pounds but I still felt thin but not fit. Also the eating habits of that diet were not great and many of the foods they recommended were all processed foods from their own brand. Continue reading