Injectable Fillers, too much of a good thing can turn out ugly !!!!!

After your forties you will notice your skin doesn’t look as plump as used to, some hallow spots start showing on your temples, cheeks and eyes. And what’s up with those annoying little tiny lines around the lips!! I never had seen then on me before, until the day came and they suddenly started to be more visible as the years go by.

I needed to find a solution for this and after reading a lot about it , fillers would be the only corrective procedure to give back my plumpness, but wait !! I was afraid of fillers, because being from Brazil we all know that beauty should look as natural as possible and I see so many girls in the USA looking what I call so plasticky!!!.

I got tell you I researched so much about all the fillers available, there are all sorts of them, the most popular ones are Juvederm, Juvederm Volume is the latest version, Sculptra, Artfill, Restylane, Radiesse just to name a few so what to choose?

The answer for me was really simple, anything that could be reversed, why? Because if I didn’t like it , it could be undone as simple as that , so Juvederm and Juvederm Voluma were my choice, obviously my doctor was the one who inform me about all the options and I learnt a little more after I did my research.

I was particularly scared about my lips but she promised she would put just a little and it turned out perfect since all the annoying ugly lines went away.

But a word of advice, I would watch out and only do these procedures if you really need and don’t keep repeating them to try to look the way you were on your thirties because that’s when you end up looking like the fish on the picture above, plastic and unnatural.

So choose a good doctor and please make sure you know about everything she/he will be putting on your face, many of my friends who do these procedures can’t even remember the name of the product when I askked.

I can stress enough how crucial it is to know the products, and yes reversible products won’t last as long as permanent ones like Sculptra and they also sometimes cost more but trust me I would be so unhappy to pay less and have to live with fish lips and blowed up face for years!!!

my lips after procedure

My lips after procedure

my face pic taken today

My face pic today

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