Let’s talk about at home peels

In the past going to the doctors was the only way to get a good peel but these days omg!! there are so many wonderful products out there and I tried a lot that are okay but because I only like to tell you about the very best ones with gives you the fastest results, here you go.

The Philosophy Microdelivery Peel is an awesome peel, it helps your skin by resurfacing and rejuvenating sun damage, hyperpigmented and aging skin, is a two-way step process, the product sells in a package containing both steps

First, is a product that feel like fine sugar , you apply to your face and massage very gently , please be gentle !! because you want to exfoliate not hurt your skin, just like our dentist tells us not to put too much pressure when brushing our teeth so it won’t hurt our gums, same thing here.

Once you massage it is time for the second step which is the activator, it’s a clear gel that you apply over the first step which pretty much melts the granules like water would melt sugar, that product activates the peel, them wait 3 minutes and rinse.

Your face will feel so radiant and soft and also will help to clear away any dead cells making easier for your skin to absorb the products you use afterwards.

I try to do this peel in the shower at least once or twice a week, and the 3 minutes goes pretty fast, I wash my body and underwear while in the process so that gives me enough time.

Right after I apply vitamin C and a moisturizer ,I will talk about these products at another post , to nourish my skin with Antioxidants and vitamin C which also helps by lightning the skin giving you the radiance our skin had on our twenties.

If you are short on time or prefer a faster peel Philosophy also have the one-minute purifying enzyme peel which is also a gel, this one feels tingle on skin but also is very good, I use this one sometimes since I’m doing every week just for variety but this brand is my to go for at home for peels because it does really work!!!

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