Diminish wrinkles, only Retinol products can do this miracle

Today I was speaking with a friend, she is 42 and she was saying how her wrinkles are showing so much, especially under make up.

I told her the best thing anyone can do is to use retinol creams to diminish them and a good moisturizer with SPF to hydrate. Even better, a moisturizer with growth factor. Please search my post about this product, so you can get the benefit of an anti-aging cream and get the moisture at the same time. Just keep it in mind this product does not have SPF so the serum I will mention bellow can help you get it covered.

I used many retinol products but some of then can really irritate your skin, so for someone who never used it before I recommend the ROC brand for sensitive skin. Their face and eye products are fairly inexpensive under $30 each.

I got to say the ROC retinol day product with sunblock wasn’t my favorite in this brand because it’s too heavy so for now I’m not using a day one. I will be trying the Vichy brand and let everyone know about it at a later post.

Once your skin get used to this product you can switch to the regular ones shown on the pic bellow, they really do the job.

My latest favorite is the Vichy retinol line, I have been using it for the past 2 weeks.

I use the night one and the eye one. This line costs a little more than the ROC brand around $42 or so but both work really good.

You can find all these products at any Ulta stores, Sephora, CVS pharmacies…etc, just to name a few places.

You can use the La Roche Posay Serum, search for my post about this product, under any of these Retinol products during the day because it has the SPF 50 that will protect your skin and also works as an anti aging product.

I know that sounds like a lot but once you stick to a routine of doing this everyday, it becomes a habit. It’s so fast and easy once you are used to it.

My 3 steps process is: first apply serum, second retinol and third growth factor or any moisturizer of your choice.

Trust me the time is worth it and in the long run your skin will look so youthful!!!

maxresdefault IMG_4401

search about this product at a previious post

search about this product at a previous post “Finally a serum that is an Anti Aging Sunblock all in one”

My clean face after applying my products right before bed

My clean face after applying my products right before bed

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