Sun Spots be gone !!!!

On my previous post I mentioned about the laser procedure I have done back in July 2014, it was the best think I could have done for my skin because not only my spots deminished but because the laser activate the production of new collagen, my skin felt firmer and looked younger!

Many of my friends kept telling me how great my skin looked and even though I know the many products I use helps me getting that look I knew that after the laser the compliments got even more frequent.

I choose to do the Fraxel laser because after much research done by myself and by asking my doctor that was the most effective spot removal laser procedure in the market, and I got to say ven though many people say it hurts I didn’t think that was so bad and trust me, Im a baby when it comes to pain. Continue reading

Injectable Fillers, too much of a good thing can turn out ugly !!!!!

After your forties you will notice your skin doesn’t look as plump as used to, some hallow spots start showing on your temples, cheeks and eyes. And what’s up with those annoying little tiny lines around the lips!! I never had seen then on me before, until the day came and they suddenly started to be more visible as the years go by.

I needed to find a solution for this and after reading a lot about it , fillers would be the only corrective procedure to give back my plumpness, but wait !! I was afraid of fillers, because being from Brazil we all know that beauty should look as natural as possible and I see so many girls in the USA looking what I call so plasticky!!!. Continue reading