Sun Spots be gone !!!!

On my previous post I mentioned about the laser procedure I have done back in July 2014, it was the best think I could have done for my skin because not only my spots deminished but because the laser activate the production of new collagen, my skin felt firmer and looked younger!

Many of my friends kept telling me how great my skin looked and even though I know the many products I use helps me getting that look I knew that after the laser the compliments got even more frequent.

I choose to do the Fraxel laser because after much research done by myself and by asking my doctor that was the most effective spot removal laser procedure in the market, and I got to say ven though many people say it hurts I didn’t think that was so bad and trust me, Im a baby when it comes to pain.

Also I had a big scar/mark on top of my face’s birth mark and the laser cleared that mark, I was so glad because it lokked pretty gross and ugly.

Im planning to do another one this year since I loved the results and you can do once a year for maintnace of if you still see some more resistant spots.

But be careful you should nerve get sun on your face otherwise all the spots mihght return and by the way sun its not good for aging so if you want to keep your skin tanned and beautiful use a face self tanner, that will be your best bet and I promise to talk about tanner at a later post.

Pic before procedure, note the birthmark red spot

Pic before procedure, note the birthmark red spot

After procedure pic

After procedure pic

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