Growth Factor infused products: The latest anti aging trend available

Yes, strange isn’t it but the new trend is all about products that contain Growth Factor that not only help your skin look younger but also prevent and correct future aging by boosting collagen and cell turnover with antioxidants that protects our skin against the damages of free radicals, it’s great for aging .

I first learned about these products after a laser procedure I have done on my face to get rid of the sun spots, I will have a post with pics about the laser at a later post.

Anyway, the doctor said that in order to help my skin heal faster I should get a product with these growth factors, at the time, she gave me the Obagy brand product and I got to say, even though it cost me a whooping $148.00, it worked as promised and in about 3 days I could see my skin flaking, by the fourth day I had an almost clear face.

Many of my friends who didn’t use the product tells me how long it took for their face to look normal after their laser procedures but after this trial I gotta say I got hocked.

So I did some research and found another product that cost $85.00, still pricey but trust me it’s a big tube and since it’s thicker but not heavy it lasts a long time, I use it every night, and guess what, you can apply on top of your retinol product both works well  together.

Whatever you choose it’s a good idea to use of a product with this new technology because it does really work wonders!

IMG_4443                  FullSizeRender

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