Self Tanners, how to get the best at home tan without looking like an orange

These days there are so many walking oranges out there so I thought, they must have an at home product that will give you a natural looking tan.

I got to confess I go once a week to Itan, a tanning salon, to get my Versa Spa spray tan because that gives me the most natural looking color, much better than the Mystic Tan I used to do in the past.

But I got to admit, getting a spray tan every week can be costly so I also found out some great products, specially for my 16 years old daughter, to be able to get great results at home.

My very favorite brand is Saint Tropez line, I read a million great reviews about this brand. Continue reading

Summer is coming so here is some help to get rid of cellulite

I tried many products but I find this one very effective and with the help of a microroller you can get fast results.

I use the 1mm roller that you can find in Amazon at a  pretty inexpensive price.

Just roll it on your butt horizontally, vertically  and in an X motion after your shower, than apply the product by Vichy.

I was so impressed how much it minimized my dimples!!!!