The 3 lifestyle changes that beautify you inside and out

I believe that you can’t just work on your outside beauty without making sure you take care of your mind and body as well.

There are 3 things you should try to implement on your daily life and these are, Meditation, eating real foods and moderate exercise.

That are no creams, potions or procedures that would help you sharpen your brain or reduce your daily stress. I read many articles about all the researches that are proven to shown the power of meditation in combating the progress of Alzheimer and also how much it helps by releasing stress and sharpen your memory.

I know you are probably thinking, easier said than done. My friend today said to me she has a really hard time meditating because her brain is always thinking.

That’s okay, when I studied transcendental meditation in Brazil, we learned that the important part is not to try to control your thoughts but try to stay still without any outside interference, think but try not to worry, if you think about the errands you have to do that day just try to think pleasant thoughts right after that , like a beach that you have been, or somewhere or someone who makes you feel good.

There is a very famous app called Mindfulness, it’s a free guided meditation, so maybe you can start there . I meditated right after my breakfast, I sit on my bed for 20 minutes, I put a timer on my phone with a very gentle awakening tone. I start by closing my eyes and repeating my mantra, but you don’t need one. Just sit still and let the thoughts go through your mind,don’t fight them, breath through your nose and just relax, no cel phone, no emails, no noises, just you.

Try it and you will see how more energized you get in only 20 minutes a day, and like I mentioned before this app might be really helpful to you.

Another important lifestyle change is the food you eat, minimize all processed food, eat lean proteins, eat less and chew slowly. I’m a huge eater, my husband calls me a lion!

I had to serve my food on smaller plates for a week !!, so I could get used to eat less. Also I started pay attention to my chewing habits since I tend to swallow my food, especially if I’m starving. A good tip that helped me eating slowly, when I’m very hungry I grab a hand full of almonds and eat it. By the time my meal is ready I’m not so starving making it easier to eat slowly.

If you want to learn more about mindfull eating and real foods, there is a great blog out there called summer tomato, it’s a great source for tips and recipes.

According to an article about what else keeps us young by Dr David Katz, the director of the Yale-Griffen Prevention Reasearch Center.

He says the list is short : “Don’t smoke, eat less, sleep well, exercise regularly, manage your stress, and then one  more that’s critical, be in loving relationships.

If you’re going to take two or three days to detox, don’t bother with smoothies or juices. Fix the strains in relationships that matter to you by reaching out to your friends and loved ones and working with them.

There’s excellence evidence that social relationships are a good defense against premature aging.”

And least but not last, exercise, don’t kill yourself! just exercise, walk 10000 steps a day if possible, a pedometer can help you with that, I use a fit bit one that I attach to my waist everyday and it counts all my daily steps.

Try to lift weights at least 3 times a week, don’t be afraid, you won’t get bulky, it takes a lot more for someone to get bulky than just lifting light weights a few days during the week. Also,you will be protecting your body against osteoporosis, which is a bone decease.

“Exercise lowers cortisol and sugar levels in the blood, both of which cause wrinkles and lax skin, and releases endorphins that increase circulation”,according to Allure’s magazine article done by dermatologist Dr. Leslie Baumann. She says”these endorphins are good for your skin, just think how good you look when you are in love”.

It’s not that hard, relax for 20 minutes, get rid of toxic relationships, enjoy the positive ones and get moving. You will be happier, healthier and more beautiful inside and out!!!!

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