Voluderm, a great procedure to refresh your face

I took the picture above today, just 4 days after I had my Voluderm procedure.

I read so many great things about micro needling and my doctor recommended this procedure to give my skin a new glow. I decided to give it a try so I could tell all my Gurollowers ( that’s what I call all of my beautiful followers) about it here.

Voluderm is a machine with tiny micro pins or needles that uses radio frequency energy to penetrate easily into your skin reaching the mid layers of your Derm.

The micro pins create micro wounds on your skin which trigger the body’s natural wound healing mechanism.

This process stimulates the body to naturally produce Hyaluronic Acid, new Collagen and Elastin. We all know how much of these 3 factors we loose with age.

Voluderm is used for Dermal volume enhancement, wrinkle reduction, acne scars improvement, skin resurfacing, and texture renewal.

So does it work? Well, so far so good. I got tiny black dots on my skin which is part of the healing process and will gradually go away. You can see them if you look closely at the picture above.

It wasn’t painful at all and there is no down time. You can go back to work and no one will notice which is great!! It is a very fast treatment. Within 20 minutes it’s all done and fairly inexpensive when compared with many other treatments of this type.

You can do this procedure on other parts of your body as well. Below is a picture I found on the internet of someone who did it on their stomach.

My skin is still healing but I love the glow and appearance. I can already notice the difference and I’m sure it will get better each day once the healing process ends and all the black dots fall off. Then my skin will be truly more radiant and renewed for a fresher, healthier looking face!!

images-14 Unknown-14e5fec676-eb36-4693-9707-8c52637dd7f0

On this pic just my right side was done, notice the difference! how plumpier that side looks instantly!

On this pic just my right side was done, notice the difference! how plumpier that side looks instantly!

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