Is your hair thinning out or falling more every time you brush?

I gotta say I started noticing my hair thinning out once I turned 40. Every day I would find more and more hair in my brush and I started to go into panic mode!!

Thinking back at my father and mother, both have thin hair and you can actually see my mother’s scalp because her hair thinned out so much, granted she is 75 so I thought I would have 30 years to save what I have so I needed to act fast!!

I tried so many products, even those that everyone raves about like the Ovation line. But it dried out my hair and I hated it. Also the so famous Pantene leave in treatment, it leaves your hair so sticky, awful!!

I didn’t want to use Rogaine because I wasn’t getting bald spots. My hair was only thinning out. Overall we are supposed to be shedding an average of 50-100 hair follicles on a daily basis but I was loosing much more and all the styling I love doing wasn’t helping me out.

I needed to find a solution that would increase my hair life cycle so they would not only fall less frequent but also they wouldn’t fall as much.

Then after doing a lot of search on the web I found a leave in product made by Kerastase called Specifique Stimuliste with Aminexil 15,000 PPM. Plus Arginine and some other vitamins are all very good to keep the hair you already have and to stimulate natural hair growth and increase density.

This line also has really great shampoos. I tried all but because I have other shampoos I like better, I will do a future post about shampoos. I stick to using only the leave in treatment which is a clear liquid you apply after towel dried hair. You spray it all over onto your scalp and then spread the product by massaging it.

The only problem was that this product is only sold by Kerastase in Europe. Thanks to the internet I’m able to buy it here. It costs anywhere from 50 to 80 depending on how well you search. I found it on Amazon and once when they were out I got it on Ebay.

I have been using it for the past 5 years and I’ve got to say it really does work. It takes time, but if you use it everyday you will be very surprised. My hair is back to what it looked in my 20s and 30s.

I also started to alternate days and use another great Kerastase product called Initialiste advanced Scalp and hair concentrate. It is a leave in serum that you apply the same way as the Stimuliste treatment onto your scalp. It is a plant-based biotechnology product that reinforces & thickens hair fibers. It also boosts resistance to breakage and stimulates growth.

You can find this one in the U.S. It’s a bit more expensive, around $70 but it’s so worth it. I promise!! Especially if you alternate with the Specifique and make both products last longer.

Please make sure to take care of this problem before is too late. You will be very thankful that you did and seeing your hair healthy and thick with age is definitely priceless!!!!!!!!

K_eacute_rastase_Specifique_Stimuliste_Nutri_Energising_Daily_Anti_Hairloss_Spray_125ml_1363775794.png moh7Xgy7dIDPXQ69vlpJV2Q

Finally I have more hair!!

Finally I have more hair!!

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