How to curl your hair under 10 minutes

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. In preparation to protect your hair from the heat, I usually use a wonderful product called Perfect Hair Day by Living Proof 5 in1 style treatment. It smooths, volumizes, conditions, strengthens and polishes your hair for a perfect style. You can apply the primer if you want right after that.

My favorite curling iron is this new oval shape version made by a company called ghd, you can find it online. It’s called classic wave wand and  it costs $196.00. It’s worth every penny. I found out about this brand during the Oscar’s season on People magazine, because many of the stars were being styled with this curling iron.

Another brand I love is called Sedu. You can find it online. I use the 25MM one which gives you 1′ curls. It costs around $120.00 and you can find it at the Ulta Beauty store and online. This one will give you more define, tight curls compared to the loose beach wave curls you can get with the ghd.

I only use these kind of curling irons that are called wands because it does not have the clip. I end up full of kinks using a clip by myself. I leave the clip one for my wonderful stylist Cheng to use on me since she is the professional.

Have fun and I want to say thank you for all my Gurollowers (that’s how I call all of you my beautiful followers) for enjoying my blog!!

301_image_2_hero  living-proof-perfect-hair-day-styling-treatments1460138-main-hero

Sedu hair wand

Sedu hair wand


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