Spider and Varicose Veins, the best treatments available

A couple of years ago some small veins started showing on my legs, I found out that those are called spider veins. It’s so annoying getting old!! All these new issues that needed to be resolved!!

I was horrified, of course, imagine me, I love wearing dresses, shorts, skirts and my bathing suit. I started  frantically searching for a solution to this annoying problem.

I particularly don’t belive on doing these procedures in SPAs  and much less with anyone who does not have a medical degree, so I thought if I want to get rid of them the proper way I would need to go to a vascular specialist.

I found this wonderful vascular surgeon and he did a Sclerotherapy treatment on me.

Sclerotherapy is done by injecting liquid or foam with a very fine needle directly into the vein. The injected solution then causes the veins to close, over time, the treated veins will fade. You will need to use compression stockings for around a week but you can return to everyday activities almost immediately. The procedure takes about 30 to 45 minutes in the office and no anesthesia is required. Personally, I didn’t find the procedure painful.

I had to do it twice because the veins will fade, but overtime new spider veins will appear so you need to maintain, I believe every 2 to 3 years and it’s worth, and very affordable, it cost me $350.00 for one leg application and can go up if you need more or if you need on both legs which was my case.

Usually the office can sell you the compression stockings but I found it cheaper online, the Sigvaris brand is the best and is the same the doctors are selling at their office, just make sure to ask the mmHg ( it’s the measure of pressure) the doctor wants. I used 30-40 mmHg my first week then I bought a 20-30 mmHg to use the following weeks to get better results.

The stockings are very important for the success of this procedure so please if you decide go this way don’t skip a day without wearing them!!

I was recently reading about another procedure that seems to be the newest and latest technology for treating red spider veins on the leg and face and it’s called Veinwave.

Veinwave is said to be very good on hard to treat areas like nose and cheeks. This technique uses radio frequency energy which is delivered through an ultra fine needle causing the spider veins to collapse and reabsorb.

According to what I read this new procedure offers immediate results not like the Sclerotheraphy which results are seeing overtime. Also you won’t need to wear compression stockings and you can resume normal, everyday activities right after the procedure is done.

I’m due to my maintenance so I will ask my doctor about Veinwave and I will post it for sure if I decide to take that route.

I’m not sure if Veinwave will be a more expensive treatment but the fact that  you don’t need to wear the stockings and the immediate results might make it very appealing to me to pay a little bit more.

I will keep you all posted, meanwhile I put some pictures below I found on the internet since I didn’t take any pictures of my legs before I’ve done the Sclerotherapy 2 years ago.


Veinwave before and after pic

Veinwave before and after pic

Veinwave before and after pic

Veinwave before and after pic

Sclerotherapy before and after pic

Sclerotherapy before and after pic

Sclerotherapy before and after pic

Sclerotherapy before and after pic

Sclerotherapy before and after pic

Sclerotherapy before and after pic

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