What do you think : Should we dress up for our age or for the age we really feel that we are?

Hi my beautiful Gurollowers, I know that usually I post about all the great products that help keep us looking young.

Today I decided change a bit and post this question: Should we dress up for our age or for the age we feel we are inside?

I was watching a show called younger. It was about a 40 years old woman, mother of a college age girl and recently divorced, whose husband found a younger girl.

Anyway, she was having a terrible time to find a job, because she has stopped working for many years while she  had taken time to go to India and do some charity work.

After a long day of rejection, she found herself in a bar and a young guy, around 26 years old hit on her, thinking she was much younger than she really was.

She went along with the idea, bought herself younger looking clothes, got a fake ID and pretended to be 26. Then she applied for more jobs and landed on one.

Just because she dressed younger and felt younger even though she was on her forties made me think about myself.

I’m 45 years old, but inside I feel like I’m on my thirties, and that’s one of the reasons I like to dress myself on younger and trendy looking clothes.

My daughter, who is 16, always tells me how cool I dress. She keeps borrowing my shirts,sweaters, jewelry, make up, hair tools and etc..

She also told me that many moms aren’t like me, and dress up like “moms” as she put, more like their real age.
I believe it’s not their fault. The problem is, once you hit your forties the stores for our age change completely, and start selling clothes that are less sexy, less trendy and more conservative. Simply boring!!!  At least that’s what I usually observed on my shopping trips.

Why couldn’t I wear my ripped boyfriend style jeans and my converse shoes? I feel really cute on them.
Why stores for my age group prefers seeing us wearing a plain boring dress instead of a Boho chic one?
In my opinion we are as old as we really feel. I refuse to let myself be defined by my age, and just because I’m 45 I couldn’t wear certain outfits as a younger woman would wear.

I wish there were more stores out there which would cater to people just like me, young at heart.
Instead, I have to shop at a variety of youthful stores, and choose a few pieces from each one that will look good for my age without making me look ridiculous.

I can’t tell you how long it took me to find my ripped jeans. These days all of the jeans have really skinny legs, and after 2 kids trust me, my legs won’t fit inside of then. I needed something roomy that wouldn’t make me feel like a stuffed turkey!! So boyfriend style was my only choice.

How about shorts!! It took me forever to find cute, modern, youthful looking ones that you couldn’t see up to my butt!! . Everything is so short these days!! Luckily I finally found one online.

So for you my Gurollowers, that feel just like me, young at heart, what do you think? Shouldn’t an older woman wear younger looking clothes and still feel appropriate for her age? Shouldn’t stores cater more to a younger look for woman on their forties?

I believe they should. Meanwhile I will keep doing my scavenger hunt at the stores to feel young and beautiful!!

My ripped jeans and my beautiful friends

My ripped jeans and my beautiful friends

My winter/snow style

My winter/snow style

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