Color your hair minimizing all the damages

I remember when I was 15 years old in Brazil, putting Hydrogen peroxide on my hair and laying down on the sun to make it blonde. Sounds crazy, but that’s what I did.

When I moved to the US, I was 23 years old, and going to the beach, to bleach my hair, wasn’t any longer an option. I didn’t have the time for it with my busy working schedule.

I had the hardest time finding a hairdresser, who would know how to transform my naturally light brown hair into a natural looking blond. What a nightmare it was!!!!

I can’t tell you the countless times I ended up platinum blonde, which for my olive skin looked horrible!!! I was getting so frustrated .

Finally, around 6 year ago, someone recommended me this wonderful Stylist. Her name is Cheng Tan and she owns the Koda Salon in La Jolla. I tell you what, she has forever changed my life, my hair and the way I see color!!!

When I got to her, my hair was already so fry and dry caused by the different ammonia containing products that all the previous stylists had used on it. She uses only the latest and highest quality products on the market. Then she decided to use only ammonia free products on my hair to recuperate my locks from all the years of damage.

She started by coloring my roots on a dark blond, because I have tons of gray hair. For that, she uses L’oreal Inoa hair color.

L’oreal Inoa is a revolutionary oil-based, long-lasting, ammonia free permanent hair color that gives your hair stunning shine and perfect 100% gray coverage. It’s an oil-base delivery system that envelops the hair fiber in a film of oil, repelling the water-based colorants, pushing it deep into the hair for unlimited color.

After that, she highlighted my hair with L’oreal Platinium, an ammonia-free lighter. Yes, believe it or not, you can lighten your hair without harming it. Platinium is ideal for achieving tailor-made results and provide up to 7 levels of lift. This luxury lightening service is created by a revolutionary paste pre-lightener that provides care and respect for your hair.

The last step was adding the low lights, which gave my hair a more natural look and create some dimension and contrast. Cheng uses L’oreal Dia Light which is an ammonia free luminous demo-permanent gel-creme hair color. Ideal for color-treated or sensitized hair. Just what my hair needs!!

The result. My hair looks natural, soft and healthy. Thanks to Cheng’s expertise I can look forward to coloring my hair without all the anxiety and fear I’ve had for so many years.

Make sure you research the kind of products your stylist is using on your locks, so you can keep the integrity of your hair and achieve the most natural looking color. Because great color doesn’t have to mean damaged hair!!

FullSizeRender       home-carousel-inoa-ultrablond  platinium-l-orealxl_14082-DiaLight

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